Admissions & Withdrawals


Admission Details

  • Admission is open to all candidates irrespective of caste, creed or socio-economic background. And is subject to merit and vancany in classes Lkg to Std 8
  • Students are ordinarily admitted only at the begnning of the Academic Session.
  • For admission to any class other than entry point, they must pass an Entrance Test.
  • Information regarding admission is put up on the School Notice Board and website in advance and depends on vacancies, testing, interview and age.
  • Only a candidate who has attended a Recognised School can be admitted with a proper Transfer Certificate from the school last attended and should have gained promotion to the class in which he/she is seeking admission, as per the Board Bye-laws.
  • Strictness is observed in the matter of age and no case will be considered for admission unless proper documental evidence of date of birth is produced along with the admission form.
  • False declaration about a student's age will lead to disqualification for admission and subsequent discovery by the school authorities of such a false declaration would be enough grounds for dismissal of the student.


  • Just before the commencement of a New Academic Session withdrawal must be intimated to the Principal in writing within a week from the re-opening day, failing which the monthly fee will be charged.
  • During the session, at least THIRTY DAYS notice must be given to the Principal in writing, before a student is withdrawn, failing which, an additional month's fees will be required to be paid in lieu thereof.
  • At the end of session a written application for a student's withdrawal must be submitted in the office within TEN DAYS of issuance of performance card.
  • A Transfer Certificate will be issued only when all dues to the school have been paid and the school's library books and property are returned.
  • The Principal reserves the right to dismiss any student who had failed to accept the discipline of the school by his/her misconduct or continued absence, considered detrimental to the interest of the school, in which case the parent will be expected to withdraw the child's name from school.